Make your Agency grow without hassle.

Keep your customers informed of your conversion performance automatically. Receive an alert if your advertising campaigns are not running as they should.

Working with your team on AdPage

Impress your customers

Manage your customers easily.

Manage landing pages, pop-ups and banners in a central environment. Set up all settings such as house style, integrations, scripts, custom codes and domain names once.

Overview of Landing Page Templates.

Agencies & Webshops are enthusiastic about AdPage

Working with your team on AdPage


Work more efficiently

Work together with your colleagues and customers.

Give each user rights such as viewer, editor, and admin.

Invite users based on email address.

Set once

Avoid repetitive work

Set everything up once for your customer. Then create landing pages and pop-ups that stick to this setting. Make your own settings per workspace. Set it up once and then you don't have to look at it again.

Domain names

Fonts & Colours

Global scripts

Saving time by setting up your domain name once
Clearly see what the customer journey is.


Know what works

Check where your conversions come from with advanced analytics. Use the data to further optimise your conversions.

Directly linked with Facebook, TikTok, Google and Instagram.

Insight into your conversions.

Another feature.

Automatic Reporting

Retaining customers

Easily keep your customers informed with automatic reports.

Set monthly goals so that you can act in time if goals are not achieved.

Set alerts when your goals are not met.

Send automatic e-mails to customers with the results. Send only if the goals are achieved.

Use the automatic e-mails as an extra contact moment. This way, upselling your services becomes even easier.

Workspaces that allow you to work more efficiently for your customers.

Customers find working with AdPage a breath of fresh air

No technical knowledge required''
''Adpage was a breath of fresh air on acquaintance''
''AdPage, for anyone who can't or won't build a website page''
''A well thought out product and easy to use''