Increase conversion through personalized landing pages

Track and Personalize your landing pages with AdPage instead of Instapage including help from Dutch conversion experts.

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Saves time and increases efficiency

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Especially for Webshops and Marketing Agencies

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Integrates with your existing tools

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Using Dutch templates

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These marketing agencies build landing pages with AdPage

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With AdPage, we know how to efficiently deploy extremely good landing pages and pop-ups. The support team always helps us quickly. This makes AdPage an indispensable tool for us as Heroes Only.
Tim van Hees
COO Heroes Only
growth on average per customer.
Trusted Partner
Used Scale plan.
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"By using our own templates, we can have our staff deliver landing pages at lightning speed."
Kevin Thielen
customers connected within 3 months.
Uses Whitelabel solution
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"Sometimes it's just too easy to work with AdPage. Not everyone is technically savvy, but at least this is manageable. In addition, the landing pages fit our clients' needs perfectly and we optimize them for mobile and desktop with a few clicks. The Plug & Play DataLayer integration allows us to measure forms in detail."
Stanley Link
Logo of Shake Media
"By setting the conversion goal ahead of time in AdPage, everyone is aware of the results and progress during the campaign so we can act in a timely manner and keep our customers and employees happy."
Marin van Rossum
Founder Shake Media | Online Marketing Agency
clients under management.
Customer since 2019
Used Agency plan
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All the features needed to achieve the highest conversion rate.

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Landing pages
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Custom reporting




Dutch support and templates.
ClickFunnels can't compete with that.

AdPage has the same features as ClickFunnels, but increases
conversion through personalized landing pages.

Entry-level comparison with AdPage
Dutch landing page templates
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Dutch popup templates
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Dutch quiz/profile enrichment templates
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Profile enrichment
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Facebook Server Side Tracking
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TikTok Server Side Tracking
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External popups
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Website posts
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Personalization based on integration data from, for example, Copernica, ActiveCampaign, and Salesforce
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Multistep sections
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Weekly reporting
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Custom work spaces
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Profiling based on First Party cookie data
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Profiling based on Zero party cookie data
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1-to-1 Zoom support
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48-hour wait for support ticket
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Dutch Helpdesk
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Adpage has everything you need to increase your customers' conversions. 

Did you know that increasing your conversion rate from 2% to 4% can mean 200% increase in sales? 

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Landing page templates created for Agencies. This is how to create the perfect landing page.

Multistep personalization

Segment your visitor through profile enrichment.

Landing page speed

Increase your conversion rate by offering an instant experience. Article on landing page speed.

First-party data on landing page
First Party data

Send data directly to Facebook, and TikTok without Apple's intervention.

Profile data on landing page
Organic optimization

Optimize your landing page for better findability on Google.

Profile data on landing page

Use data from your profiles to personalize your landing page.


Collect lead info in steps. 

No one feels like filling out long forms. The longer the form, the fewer conversions you get. With our Multistep feature, you can easily cut your form into multiple steps.

Does someone stop in the middle of the process? No problem, we send the data per step to your CRM / email marketing system. This way you are assured of your data.

This way you ensure the best landing page with the highest conversion.

Multistep to fill customer profiles created within the AdPage tool

Agencies & Webshops are enthusiastic about AdPage

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Click and you'll see the landing page

Less loading time is more conversions and higher user convenience. Every second counts. Experience the power of insanely fast loading speeds of your landing pages.


Measure all conversions for Meta and TikTok 

Data is king. Without accurate data, you waste time on incorrect optimizations and that costs your customer revenue. With Server Side Tracking, you collect the most reliable tracking data via First Party data without the intervention of Apple or any other application.  

Server-side tagging from AdPage

Get clear insight 

See what conversions are by contact type, where they drop out, and what the ideal funnel looks like. That way you'll know why a landing page is important.

Analytics landing page

Personalize and Convert

Increase conversions within your AdPage projects by populating dynamic fields with data retrieved from your CRM system or email service provider. 

Personalize landing pages with collected data within the AdPage tool


Create an efficient work environment for your employees

The main objective is to achieve results for the client. That's why they choose AdPage. Work with the AdPage team on successful client cases. Grow your agency through conversion marketing services, templates, training or reselling.

Inviting users

Invite your team or clients to collaborate on AdPage.


Create a workspace for each client to manage everything in one place such as leads, analytics and integrations.

Reuse sections

Reuse what you created with sections and general settings by workspace.


Creating designs that fit your corporate identity

After selecting a template, you can customize every aspect for your client. You have complete freedom in design & development. Creating a landing page for your clients has never been easier.