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The server-side tagging success cases


Measuring in Meta Ads


measuring so much in GA4


measuring in GA4

Why server-side tagging?

Increase your ROAS on ad platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook.
Get more insight into your visitor journey through better attribution and cookie recovery.
Measures 100%* by webhook links and cookie recovery.

Get a grip on your data with server-side tagging

Higher ROAS through better steering algorithm

Google, Meta and other ad platforms drive conversion data. Send as much data as possible so the algorithm can perform as well as possible.

More insight into your visitor journey through cookie recovery

Because cookie data is not lost or even recovered, you gain more insight into your visitor journey.

Third party to first party cookies

Third party cookies are increasingly being blocked due to privacy issues, including by Apple and Google. Using first party cookies is the way to store data in a fully AVG-proof manner.


By anonymizing Personally identifiable information (PII), you comply with AVG legislation and benefit from private data protection and ensure customer trust.

Ad Blockers bypassed

By loading a first-party script, the data is not hindered by AdBlockers, allowing you to measure an average of 5 - 20% more visitors.

Site performance improved

By efficiently loading the server-side tagging script, the speed of your website is increased which improves performance.


Setting tagging together correctly

Together with AdPage Tagging specialists, we make sure that everything is right for you and your customers all at once. That way there is a perfect basis for measuring and optimizing ads, campaigns and landing pages.


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