Accurately demonstrate your contribution to customers

Are you struggling to demonstrate your value to customers through hard data? This is because marketing data is incomplete. For example, your conversions are not measured properly due to the intervention of iOS, adblockers or browsers that reject third-party cookies. When Google also stops using third-party cookies in 2024, this problem will become even bigger.

Thanks to server-side tagging, your marketing data is complete. You measure 100% of your conversions and you and your customers comply with AVG legislation.

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With AdPage, we know how to efficiently deploy extremely good landing pages and pop-ups. The support team always helps us quickly. This makes AdPage an indispensable tool for us as Heroes Only.
Tim van Hees
COO Heroes Only
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"By using our own templates, we can have our staff deliver landing pages at lightning speed."
Kevin Thielen
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"Sometimes it's just too easy to work with AdPage. Not everyone is technically savvy, but at least this is manageable. In addition, the landing pages fit our clients' needs perfectly and we optimize them for mobile and desktop with a few clicks. The Plug & Play DataLayer integration allows us to measure forms in detail."
Stanley Link
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"By setting the conversion goal ahead of time in AdPage, everyone is aware of the results and progress during the campaign so we can act in a timely manner and keep our customers and employees happy."
Marin van Rossum
Founder Shake Media | Online Marketing Agency
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Quickly and easily build conversion-enhancing projects

A landing page is a necessary part of an online marketing campaign. On the AdPage conversion platform, you can build beautiful landing pages & popups in no time that will make campaigns convert better. You can also build profile-enriching forms and popups to learn more about your visitors.

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