Optimize campaigns based on profit

Optimize your campaigns based on profit instead of revenue. With POAS (Profit On Ad Spend), we calculate profit based on your XML feed and send these profit figures to channels such as Google Ads, GA4 and Meta.

This allows you to save on your advertising costs and sell your products with the highest margins.

Optimize by margin

Think with your customers by optimizing based on margin.

Rosalie Albergation

By integrating POAS for our client, we have a much better overview of how profitable the campaigns are. As a result, we can scale up with more confidence.

Make your ads work for you

Send accurate profit margin data to Google Ads and Meta Ads so that the algorithm of these platforms can be optimized to generate more profit for your business.

How do you set up POAS?

One-time setup via an XML feed that you can generate through Channable or other channels.

Create a cost price field in your product feed
Implement this feed in AdPage Tagging
Receive cost data in Tag Manager serverside via Webhooks and use of AdPage tags.

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