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In these blog articles you will read all about Server Side Tagging, DataLayers, Cookies, Consent Mode, ITP and much more.

Blogs about Server Side Tagging

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Why should you use UTM parameters, and how do you set them?
Social media
Reading Time 3 min
To have a clear overview of where your visitors are coming from, you will need to use UTM parameters. This will help you in adjusting your marketing strategy and allocating your marketing budget.
Resolve Unassigned Traffic GA4
Marketing funnels
Reading Time 8 min
Are you also getting frustrated by unassigned traffic within GA4? Then check out our solutions for addressing unidentified traffic in Google Analytics 4. Learn how to get accurate data and improve your website's performance by effectively identifying and categorizing unidentified traffic sources.
Review of Server-side Tagging Seminar: the move to first-party data
Server Side Tagging
Reading time 12 min
On Friday, September 8, we hosted our first seminar! This afternoon was entirely dedicated to privacy and tracking and how to best anticipate this as an online marketing specialist. With sessions from DDMA, Digitale Bazen, Analytics Support and of course AdPage itself, it was a very successful and valuable afternoon. In this article we list the most important learning points of this afternoon for you.