Top 5 ConvertFlow alternatives (in 2023): which page builder suits you?

Koen van de Wetering
June 28, 2023

Do you already know ConvertFlow? ConvertFlow describes itself as the "all-in-one funnel builder for e-commerce. 

Whether that is entirely true remains to be seen, but in any case, ConvertFlow is much more than a simple page builder for landing pages. The main purpose of ConvertFlow is to help marketers, teams and agencies convert (convert) visitors into (paying) customers. 

They seem to have succeeded quite well in this, as major customers such as Volkswagen and Porsche are already using ConvertFlow. Maybe you're not as big as one of these well-known names in the auto industry yet? No problem. ConvertFlow is also designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The team behind ConvertFlow began developing a simple call-to-action tool in 2016 out of their own desire, but this project has since evolved into one of the bigger names in marketing automation. 

Below is a short 'expainer' video of ConvertFlow:

In a nutshell, to successfully convert visitors to paying customers, you need effective landing pages, many of which are also developed and feature interactive elements. Fortunately, you have several tools for that these days, ConvertFlow being one of them. Fortunately, with ConvertFlow, you don't need any programming or design skills to get started. The drag-and-drop page builder works very intuitively, and if you've worked with similar software before, you'll quickly become familiar with the working environment.

More about ConvertFlow

ConvertFlow's full set of features is long. Therefore, we will not bore you with a complete list of features, but focus on the core. The main aspect where ConvertFlow stands out from the competition is its ability to automate and personalize actions. For example, you can target visitors based on previous visits and actions on your website or even by geolocation (where your visitors are currently located). 


Specifically, you can get started with personalized pop-ups, product quizzes, forms, surveys, (sticky) website notifications and more. Once you have forwarded some traffic, you can really get started. Segment your visitors into the right audiences or send personalized product recommendations. Wondering how to make it even more effective? Build A/B testable landing pages easily and quickly with so-called multisteps. Prefer a little more control? Then host your page on your own, custom domain or sync with Shopify or embed the pages in a location of your choice. Plus, all tools are mobile-responsive, so you don't have to worry about whether or not your pages will look good on phones. 

Some of the most important features, but among themselves:

  • More than 300 templates, ready to use
  • A/B test different versions of your page, or even your entire funnel
  • Event-triggered actions: send automated or personalized email
  • Lead and channel management
  • Marketing automation: save time and operations
  • Integrations with key (external) tools, such as MailChimp, Aweber, HubSpot and many more. The total list of integrations exceeds 1000(!)
  • Contact database (CRM). Sync contacts with your favorite CRM
  • Collaborate with different team members

Although a free plan is available, ConvertFlow is not necessarily known as a cheap software package. However, you can choose Marketer, Pro and Business. The main difference between the more expensive packages is the number of monthly users of your pages. Optionally, you can separately scale up the numbers for Marketer and Pro, but you'll end up paying more for those as well. There is also a 14-day free trial. 

Perhaps you would like to know more about the full set of features and capabilities offered by ConvertFlow? Then check out the video below for a comprehensive tutorial with more background information.

Assessment criteria and alternatives

So how do you know if ConvertFlow is the right tool for you and fits your needs? First of all, it is good to mention that ConvertFlow is certainly not the only provider of this type of software. Indeed, there are some very good other alternatives available. Still, it's good to do some extra research before you proceed to purchase because each tool is slightly different or focuses on specific things. This is not necessarily right or wrong, but ultimately makes the choice personal. 

We looked at the main challengers based on the main websites, blogs and comparison sites and, of course, our own experiences. To assess whether a program is an interesting alternative, we looked at the criteria below. 

  • Opportunities and USPs.

Features, features, features ... ultimately, those features define a program. When designing a good, modern (landing) page, ease of use and speed should be especially important, but there are more features to pay attention to, such as designing pop-ups or questionnaires. Important to increase conversion is, for example, the ability to split test (A/B) or personalize. Integrations with other tools can also be important, but that will depend a bit more on your personal situation.

  • Usability

Usability follows in an important second place. Modern software to build Web sites and pages should actually be usable out-of-the-box. Fortunately, modern tools are increasingly user-friendly. Under this heading, we actually count speed of the software and landing page as well. 

  • Price

Price is relative, which is why the success of a SaaS solution hinges on its capabilities. If you are able to either attract more sales or save enormous amounts of time, then price need not be as big a stumbling block.

1. ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels is a well-known name within the market. It is an innovative tool that helps companies create effective sales funnels to generate leads and increase conversions. To achieve that, the team has built a powerful platform that allows users to create pages, design funnels and track results in real time. You can easily create landing pages, sign-up forms and other elements to optimize your website for maximum conversion. Did you know that you can even build a complete membership site with ClickFunnels? 

So while the focus is clearly on "sales" and "funnels" (what's in a name...), ClickFunnels also offers a wide range of ready-to-use templates that make it easy for even the most novice user to create very nice pages. In addition, Clickfunnels offers automated email marketing campaigns, A/B testing and analytics tools to help businesses measure and analyze the performance of their funnels. 

One drawback is immediately hidden in that clear (American) focus on sales: the builder of ClickFunnels is certainly not the most advanced on the market. If you're looking for a little more freedom or a little less focus on funnels, you might want to look further down the road.

While not necessarily very cheap, ClickFunnels' price is competitive for this market, starting at $97 per month.

2. Leadpages


Leadpages is another established name within digital marketing, with a clear focus on landing pages. Leadpages is a user-friendly tool that allows companies to create landing pages, sales pages and other web pages for high conversions. In addition, you can also create (full) websites with the program. It offers a range of features, including, of course, a drag-and-drop page builder, customizable templates (more than 200) and lead generation tools. 

With Leadpages, businesses can quickly create pages optimized for mobile devices, include custom forms and surveys, and integrate with a variety of marketing and analytics tools. In addition, Leadpages can be used to create sign-up forms, run A/B tests and track performance. 

One drawback is that A/B split testing is only possible if you purchase the more expensive subscriptions. 

Prices start at $25 per month, which obviously seems cheap. For that, however, you get the minimum license number of 1 (site), so you may soon be forced to upgrade.

3. Unbounce


Unbounce is a great platform for creating and managing effective landing pages. It offers many features to help marketers and businesses create well-converting pages quickly and easily. Furthermore, you can view A/B testing and real-time analytics. You can also optionally customize pages with custom HTML and CSS, and integrate with services such as MailChimp and Salesforce. The opportunities to customize designs to your liking are really great. Unbounce is also known for expert support and guidance to further help you get the most out of your pages. Also, Unbounce is "GDPR-compliant.

So while you can tweak pages quite a bit, you can't use it to create full websites. In addition, the interface is not the most intuitive of all the alternatives; that means you have to go through a small learning curve. Support in itself is well known, but it is also not available 24/7. You will have the best chance of being helped quickly via live chat in those cases.

Prices for Unbounce are market-based, but the basic subscription starts at $79 per month, which is fairly pricey....

4. Instapage


Instapage is an intuitive landing page platform that offers a host of features that businesses can get started with. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that allow users to quickly and easily build, customize and optimize their pages, from building pages via drag and drop to A/B testing to analytics and reporting. What stands out about Instapage is the ability to collaborate smartly with your team members; for example, you can leave comments, so you go through adjustments to your design faster.

In addition, Instapage offers advanced features such as dynamic text replacement, heatmaps and integrations with popular marketing platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

The price of Instapage is a bit on the high side, especially for small businesses - it would have been nicer if a cheaper variant of the subscriptions were available for startups. 

5. AdPage


AdPage is a very good alternative to ConvertFlow. Moreover, AdPage is a Dutch-made tool, making it just a little easier to find your way around the dashboard. If you want to design and optimize effective and fast landing pages, you've come to the right place with AdPage. The landing pages you have designed can then be segmented and personalized. The templates offered by AdPage are made and tested for the Dutch market. They are also completely up-to-date with the latest AVG regulations. 

Thereby, you can present your questions to your visitors dynamically, based on answers and data. AdPage helps you easily get started with these 'multisteps' and therefore you no longer need a separate tool, such as Google Forms or Typeform. You will also find various options for creating pop-ups or offering discount codes to your visitors.

You can seamlessly integrate AdPage with existing tools like Mailblue, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Salesforce or any of 500(!) other tools. One disadvantage of AdPage may be that AdPage does not allow you to design and measure full funnels like you may be used to with other software. That's not what AdPage is for; it's all about the right and optimized landing page for your product!

You can start with AdPage from 39 euros per month, but you can also request a free trial period. You don't have to worry about unexpected extra costs as soon as your traffic increases: you can receive up to 100,000 visitors on a single landing page with the entry price of 39 euros. The AdPage team is also known for its dedicated support!


Effective landing pages are becoming increasingly important; precisely because our attention spans are getting shorter. Not only are there more and more Internet headlines demanding our attention, but page designs are usually becoming more and more professional. In short: there is more competition than ever. 

So you need a reliable partner when it comes to designing and building the landing page for your (dream) product. You will also need some smart tools to make sure you get the most out of your visitor flow by making them the right offer at their convenience.

ConvertFlow has made significant strides in this area in recent years and is known for its continued development of marketing tools and automation. Unfortunately, ConvertFlow is certainly not the cheapest program on the market... In addition, ConvertFlow offers a number of features you would expect to find in other software (such as a CRM contact database), which may make you feel like you are paying double for some features. Other tools we looked at, Leadpages, Unbounce and Instapage, also offer many features but are not necessarily cheap for startups.

Would you like to get started building landing pages easily, conveniently and affordably? Then we recommend AdPage, our own tool from Dutch soil. AdPage offers, besides a user-friendly interface that lets you build the most beautiful landing pages in no time, full support from our enthusiastic team members. 

Curious to know how AdPage helps marketers and agencies increase their sales on a daily basis? Then we would like to show you a demo, so you can be convinced of the quality and ease of use of our software. We will gladly tell you about the experiences of customers who have gone before you! Would you like to try AdPage free for 7 days? You can do that here!

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