Tracking onboarding without hassle

Let us take care of the technical details, so you can focus on getting campaign results for your clients.

What often goes wrong with onboarding?

Get tracking and data in order for your customers as soon as possible.

Putting channels in order

Data from GA4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Tag Manager, and CNAME have been collected everywhere. Different parties are responsible for managing these.

Statuses often linger

Multiple stakeholders are involved in a good tracking setup. Think an online marketer, developer, data specialist or Google Tag Manager specialist. You want these to always be alligned and for everyone to know what to do.

Tracking is fragile

Tracking is linked to important processes, making it fragile. Linking the right accounts and making sure they stay linked is essential.

Deliver everything in 1 place

Real-time up to date status of tasks and settings for your tracking without manual checks.

How does optimal tracking work?

Implement tracking as optimally as possible for your clients so you can prove your value as a marketing agency.

Tracking Report

Request a tracking report to see your client's current tracking situation.


Through a unique link, all stakeholders such as developer, web host, and customer can provide all the data needed for an ultimate tracking setup.


Implementation can begin. Let our implementation team set everything up correctly or get started yourself. (GTM knowledge is required)


The implementation has been delivered. After a few days, we test the setup and see if everything is correct. After this, AdPage continues to check the incoming and outgoing data for errors/improvements.

Benefits of AdPage onboarding for your customers

Each process has been made as simple as possible for you as a marketer by our team.

A powerful checklist for tracking setup

After registration, a link will be created with additional details. Send an email to request the necessary stakeholder details such as CNAME, AdPage pixel and account funding.

Always the right overview

The checklist gives you a clear overview of what still needs to be done. In addition, stakeholders are automatically reminded, for example, when tasks have not yet been completed. So you don't have to constantly follow up.

Solid tracking setup

Collecting the right information is essential for a solid tracking setup. AdPage's checklist tool will help you with this.


After submitting the data, we continue to monitor if the pixel and DataLayer remain set correctly. This way, you never find out too late that the tracking setup is no longer working after a change to your website.