Recognize repeat visitors

AdPage's Visitor Identity Service enables customers to maintain the correct identity of returning visitors in a privacy-compliant manner, even if the browser enables privacy settings and deletes cookies.

Collect and link accurate data from returning visitors to optimize campaigns and improve user experience: AVG-proof.

These brands are already working with the Visitor Identity Service:

Identify web traffic up to 35% more accurately

AdPage's Visitor Identity Service assigns a unique identifier to each visitor to your site and creates a record of the permission granted for each cookie loaded to that user's browser.

When a visitor revisits the site, AdPage's First-Party Cookie solution recognizes them based on a unique identifier. The solution re-generates cookies deleted by Internet browsers and privacy features such as Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).

Use these valuable insights, collected across multiple interaction moments, to accurately attribute Web site traffic and marketing campaigns. This preserves the GA4 client ID and other marketing cookies so you can make more informed, data-based decisions.

Respect user consent while identifying repeat visitors

If ITP or a third-party extension attempts to change the user's consent to delete cookies, AdPage will detect the change and reset the deleted cookies.

The Identity Service stores the cookie name, cookie value and consent expiration date, allowing it to correctly identify previous visitors and restore cookies, including analytic identifiers. AdPage's Identity Service is easy to implement in Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or via customization.

Respect consent and maintain personalized experiences in 3 easy steps


AdPage's Identity Service assigns each visitor a unique identifier


AdPage records the permission granted for that visitor's browser


AdPage allows clients to recognize their own returning visitors and regenerate deleted cookies.