Shopify App 100% measurement of purchases in Google Analytics and more

Are you looking for a way to make your Shopify purchases more measurable and optimize your marketing strategies?

Custom DataLayer for Shopify

Robust DataLayer for seamless integration with Shopify.

Customer Segmentation

Identify new and existing customers and direct them to Google Ads for targeted campaigns.

Send data directly

Easily send purchase and refund data from the Shopify backend to different channels.

Enhanced marketing cookies

Store essential marketing cookies in Shopify's order comments for optimal use of webhooks.

Advanced tag management

Generate Client ID, Session ID and Session count within AdPage Tagging stability compared to Google's features.

Real-time monitoring

Keep track of all incoming and outgoing requests to ensure accurate data transfer.

How does the Shopify App troubleshoot Server-Side Tagging?

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Comprehensive data insights

Access all data in your GA4 account with 100% tracking of conversions and refunds via direct webhook connections.

Reduction of unassigned in GA4

Our complete tracking setup, including Server-Side Tagging, Webhooks and DataLayer, leads to a significant decrease in unassigned in GA4.

Google Ads optimization

Achieve up to 10% more accurate measurements by importing conversions into the Google Ads API with essential parameters.

Restoring conversions

Measure conversions that do not reach the thank you page due to slow load times or poor Internet connection, thanks to our webhook functionality.