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Frequently Asked Questions, Clear Answers

How can AdPage help my marketing agency?

We understudy Marketing Bureuas with their eCommerce and Leadgen clients in setting up the overall tracking setup. Tracking hasn't gotten any easier in recent years. This is mainly due to updates from big Bigtech companies like Apple and Google.

How does AdPage differentiate itself from the rest of the market?

AdPage distinguishes itself from the rest of the market through its user-friendliness and simplicity in setting up complex Serverside Tagging. Where other marketing software is often complex and time-consuming, AdPage offers a solution that allows users to achieve effective setup with just a few clicks.

This minimizes the technical challenges and headaches normally associated with integrating different platforms such as Google and Meta with web shops or websites. Moreover, AdPage offers active support from a dedicated team for users who need additional help. This makes AdPage unique in its approach to making marketing tools more accessible and user-friendly.

How does the onboarding process work?

You can start by yourself by creating an account and doing all the settings. Want to get off to a flying start right away? Then it is possible to schedule a demo with one of our specialists. No time for a demo? Then it is possible to request a Tracking Report. Our specialists will then assess your current tracking setup. You can expect the tracking report within 2 working days.  

What support can I expect from the Customer Success team?

We are committed to a smooth tracking setup, but understand that challenges can occur. That's why our systems continue to monitor proper tracking operation after installation. Should there be persistent problems, our customer success team intervenes. In addition, you'll receive regular status updates even after delivery, so you're always aware of your tracking's performance.

Does AdPage have an affiliate program?

We have a partner program available for Marketing Bureuas. Both in the area of implementation and consultancy, we have partner programs available. Are you interested in these? If so, please email