Top 5 Swipe Pages alternatives (in 2023): best budget builder?

Koen van de Wetering
June 28, 2023

Have you ever heard of Swipe Pages? Chances are you haven't... That may not be surprising, considering Swipe Pages has only been around since 2020. Swaminathan Ganesan, the founder of Swipe Pages, first developed WordPress themes and plugins, but then decided to focus on building his own platform for landing page creation. Still, Swipe Pages has already managed to amass an impressive client list, which includes more than 7,000 clients. Not bad! 

In this article, we zoom in further on this new software and take a (critical) look at whether it could be something for you. We compare it to the main other providers and put it against the yardstick. That way, after reading this article, you'll know exactly whether Swipe Pages is worth a "test drive" or whether you'd rather opt for one of the established names after all.

Swipe Pages is clearly betting on "mobile first" ... "Quickly create insanely fast, mobile optimized AMP landing pages without any code. That doesn't sound so crazy either, knowing that the company only recently started. Swipe Pages - as a young challenger in the market - understands the absolute importance of performance on mobile. Indeed, even the name 'Swipe Pages' is derived from the mobile experience that users envision on the specially designed pages, as you can literally 'swipe' the elements left and right, as you may be used to from mobile apps. All templates are designed to be modern and interactive. You can see the 'swipe pages' in action as an illustration in the video below.

That said, Swipe Pages is a dedicated landing page building tool, where only the essential features are available. It allows you to build and publish good, converting landing pages quickly and easily. If you want more advanced features (such as WordPress integration or building full funnels, which, by the way, the Swipe Pages team is already working on), then it might pay to look a little further. If not, you should definitely give Swipe Pages a shot.

More about Swipe Pages

So although Swipe Pages has not yet built a "track record" like competitors Leadpages and Unbounce, the software looks promising. Below are briefly the most important features that can help you make an informed choice. 

  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • 8 animations for modules, columns and sections
  • More than 25 page modules, allowing you to add all the key elements to your landing page (including countdown timers and pricing tables)
  • More than 70 ready-to-use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) templates
  • Form builder, add directly to your landing page
  • Multi-step forms, which let you format forms into bite-sized chunks for your visitors (and increase the likelihood that they won't drop out in between...)
  • Pop-up builder
  • Super fast load times (the software achieves this by adjusting and compressing image formats, 'lazy-loading' images, 'minifying' code and even compressing text)
  • A/B split testing (from 'Marketer' onwards)
  • Free SSL security and CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 40 data centers around the world.
  • Integrations with HubSpot, Zoho, MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe and others (using Zapier or Integromat)

Prices start from $29, and while there is no free subscription, you can get started with the trial version of Swipe Pages. The good news: you can forget about your credit card, because you won't need one. 

Have you become convinced by the software? Then you can start with 'Start-up' for $29 per month. Here you get smart pages, AMP pages, of course the drag-and-drop page builder and a single (custom) domain in return (hosting with SSL and CDN included).

Next up is the "Marketer" subscription, available starting at $59 per month. If you've become interested in Swipe Pages, this subscription is actually a must. For this you pay a little more up front, but you also get more in return: all the features of the Starter plan, plus 5 (custom) domains and direct integrations with other marketing tools.

The 'Agency' plan is obviously still a (hefty) step more expensive, with a price tag of $119 per month (but otherwise comparable to competitors such as Instapage and ClickFunnels), but here you opt for total relief via priority support, 1:1 onboarding and even an unlimited number of domains.

Assessment criteria and alternatives

We think Swipe Pages has a bright future ahead of it. But how do you know if Swipe Pages is the ideal match for you? 

You will no doubt be familiar with the other providers in this industry, such as Instapage or ClickFunnels. So in our "comparison shopping" these companies often come up, but we also include lesser-known names. In fact, we look at all the popular tools of the moment.

Still, it's good to do some extra research before proceeding to purchase because each tool is slightly different or focuses on specific things. This is not necessarily right or wrong, but ultimately makes the choice personal (and often: economical). 

We looked at the main challengers based on the main websites, blogs and comparison sites and, of course, our own experiences. To assess whether a program is an interesting alternative, we looked at the criteria below. 

  • Opportunities and USPs.

A program's features are often the determining factor. When designing a good, modern (landing) page, ease of use and speed of the page builder should be especially important, but there are more features to pay attention to, such as the design of pop-ups or questionnaires. Important to increase conversion is, for example, the ability to split test (A/B) or personalize. Integrations with other tools can also be important, but that will depend a bit more on your personal situation.

  • Usability

Usability follows in an important second place. Modern software to build Web sites and pages should actually be usable out-of-the-box. Fortunately, modern tools are increasingly user-friendly. Under this heading we actually include speed of the software and the landing page, but also the clarity of the various tools you need to make your landing page (or sales funnel) a success.

  • Price

Price is relative. If you are able to either attract more sales or save an enormous amount of time, then price need not be as big a stumbling block. Still, price can't go on indefinitely without causing problems (in the long run). In fact, as so often, everything comes down to getting the price right; especially if you plan to scale up with the software.

1. Unbounce


If you've looked a little further on our blog, chances are you've already come across Unbounce. In fact, Unbounce is one of the best-known names in the industry. Not surprisingly, because Unbounce can rightly be called an "oldie": the company has been around since 2009. This has provided the team with quite a few insights and experiences in recent years, which sets it apart from the competition. For example, Unbounce allows you to experiment extensively with AI copy and A/B split testing. The most important features of Unbounce are further:

  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • 200+ templates 
  • AI copywriting help
  • Pop-ups
  • Alert bars
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Speed Optimization
  • 40+ integrations
  • A/B split testing 

We can describe Unbounce as not necessarily cheap, but also not hugely expensive. With that, Unbounce also seems to immediately target a broad audience. Moreover, it is advisable to pay close attention to your requirements. For 75 dollars a month you can start with the Launch package (you have to pay annually), but you have to make do with "only" 500 conversions. Not immediately a problem for beginners, but a fact to take into account. All in all, Unbounce is a very complete tool, perfect for advanced marketers or teams looking for an extensive editor with extra features.

2. ClickFunnels


When you think of "sales pages," you probably think of ClickFunnels. After all, Russell Brunson's American company has almost single-handedly made this term big. In doing so, ClickFunnels also benefits from its own fame and 'cult': there are several well-known individuals and companies that have joined the ClickFunnels community, bringing in many new leads and customers. And there's good reason for that: ClickFunnels is - basically - very good software to build landing pages with. One bright side note: the end result does tend to look quite American, and while that can work quite well for the international market, your page does lose a bit of luster on the European market. 

In addition, it is good to know that ClickFunnels is a complete (online) marketing tool and could replace several software packages. So from that perspective, it is also best to get started with ClickFunnels and request a free trial, for example.

Key features of ClickFunnels are:

  • A/B split tests
  • Upsells/downsells
  • ClickPops: pop-ups 
  • ClickOptins: opt-ins
  • Follow-ups
  • Payment integrations
  • Affiliate (sales) dashboard
  • An active Facebook group (over 200,000 active members!) with Q&A

In conclusion, ClickFunnels is unfortunately not necessarily cheap. That's not surprising either; the software tries to completely unburden you. To get started with 'Basic' you have to transfer a minimum of $127 per month. Pro' is another step up, but you can ask yourself whether you really need 100 funnels... 'Funnel Hacker' - at $208 per month - is therefore only meant for the absolute bulk users who have to manage multiple domains and don't even want a limit for the number of funnels they want to set up. 

3. Landingi


Landingi, on the other hand, is again a bit more up Swipe Pages' alley: it's a fast, uncluttered page builder that does what it promises: lay out well-converting landing pages. Do you know cloud designer Canva? Then you'll quickly get along well with Landingi. Landingi's editor is very easy to use; even for typical non-designers. You can easily drag various elements into the page from the left side of your screen, as you are used to with other tools.

In addition, Landingi really has what it takes to develop further. This is just as well, since the company is now 9 years old, so it can't really be called a "rookie" anymore.

A summary of Landingi's key features are:

  • Drag-and-drop page builder (very easy to use)
  • Pop-up builder
  • More than 300 templates for landing pages
  • Page Insider: AI tool for optimizing your landing page
  • Digital product sale: sell your digital products directly from your landing page
  • Integrations with most popular tools
  • Ability to build funnels

And perhaps the best part: recently, Landingi even has a free version available. While this option is purely for quick starters whose focus is a single landing page, you can upgrade to the "Professional" subscription for not too much money. This gives you instant access to unlimited amounts of landing pages and conversions.

4. Carrd


By now you have seen many established names come by on our blog. Logical, of course, as these software companies have proven themselves by now. Still, we like to stay sharp for new entries and (like Swipe Pages), as far as we are concerned, American Carrd is one of them.

Carrd was founded back in 2016 by a Nashville-based web developer. The idea behind the creation of Carrd was to simplify the complete development process of websites and web pages. 

At first glance, Carrd also bears some resemblance to Canva's clear, simple interface. Beginners will find their way easily, and at the top you'll soon find ready-to-use templates divided into several main categories, including landing pages. Other menu options include sending your site to another user or downloading the source code. You can choose from one of the available templates or start a completely blank canvas. All the important elements for defining your layout, such as positioning and dimensions, are easily found through the menu. In addition, you can choose from various interactive elements to bring your page to life (galleries, timers, widgets, embed codes). You can also easily add animations to your design. Another thing to note is that it is relatively difficult to format text. For this you have to work cumbersomely with specific formatting ... this is where Carrd misses the mark a bit.

  • Choose from one of 67 free templates
  • Integration with Unsplash for free stock photography
  • Integration with SoundCloud and Bandcamp for music
  • Linking a custom domain is possible, but only through the paid packages
  • Integration with Stripe and PayPal for payments
  • Integration with MailChimp and Sendfox for email
  • Integration with Zapier for automations

The main proposition of Cardd, of course, is the fact that you get a lot of page builder for very little. Indeed, you can actually get very far with the free version of Carrd. The main drawback is actually the lack of a custom domain (which is surely a requirement for a professional Web site). But for just $19 a year (yes, you read that right) and the 'Pro-standard' plan, you can and you actually get all the options available. This makes the 'Pro-plus' plan really only interesting if you want to build (many) more websites.

5. AdPage


You may not have known AdPage and it may sound like a typical English or American product. Yet this is our own software - from Dutch soil!

We think AdPage is a serious alternative to Swipe Pages - and also have some similarities. 

We designed the software with speed, ease of use and optimization in mind. In fact, we do our best to make your landing page appear within 0.5 seconds. The landing pages you designed can then be segmented and personalized to increase conversion rates. The templates you come across have already been tested and developed for the Dutch market so that immediately offers the best results. They are also completely up-to-date with the latest AVG regulations: not unimportant now that we are moving to first-party data collection and Server Side Tracking.

The fact that AdPage was developed on Dutch soil immediately pays off as far as we are concerned. Of course, everything is readable in Dutch, which makes it just a little bit easier to find your way around the dashboard.

The main strengths of AdPage are:

  • Personalization of your landing pages (which converts up to 40% better)
  • Faster landing pages (which converts up to 13% better)
  • Multistep forms (which convert up to 11% better)
  • Dynamic text fields
  • Pop-ups

You can seamlessly integrate AdPage with existing tools like Mailblue, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Teamleader or any of 500(!) other tools.

You can start with AdPage for free - to quickly get acquainted with the software and the power of the product. In that case, you can receive up to 100 profiles (i.e. visitors) and if you continue to grow, you simply switch to the next package. This way, your package will only grow with you when you reach the next level! The AdPage team is also known for its dedicated support. So if you get stuck - our team of (Dutch) conversion experts is ready to help you quickly tackle problems and increase sales.


Swipe Pages is an interesting newcomer to the market, and for good reason: the team behind this company has developed a fast and user-friendly tool for creating "mobile-first" landing pages, which - for a reasonable monthly fee - you can even give them an almost "in-app" look-and-feel. But: is it the only interesting option for builders watching their monthly budget? Not as far as we're concerned.

For example, if you are looking for just a little more features and capabilities, you might consider Unbounce. Unbounce is a well-known name that offers interesting features especially in the areas of AI copy and A/B testing. Do you want top-of-the-bill marketing capabilities and even get visibility into your entire marketing funnel? Then ClickFunnels is better suited for you (which, by the way, is also where you pay the most in this comparison). 

On the contrary, if you are looking for a bit more value-for-money and don't need so many bells and whistles, there remain - besides Swipe Pages - a few interesting options: Landingi, Carrd and AdPage. Here, Carrd and AdPage stand out: Carrd concerns free version and design options and AdPage for suitability for the Dutch market and quality support.

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