The best structure for creating a landing page

Koen van de Wetering
June 1, 2023

What is a landing page?

Before you start creating your own landing page, it's good to take a moment to think about what exactly a landing page is. These types of Web pages are used as part of online campaigns and are often separate from the original Web site. When people click on an online ad, follow a link, or scan a qr code they "land" on this page.

The goal of a landing page is to achieve the highest possible conversion rate. Therefore, a good landing page has only one goal, to prompt visitors to take a particular action.

At the bottom of this article, we link to several examples of landing pages.

What makes a landing page good?

A good landing page therefore ensures that as many visitors as possible perform a desired action. Therefore, on the best landing pages, everything is tuned and formatted to entice the visitor to perform that action. There are many ways to entice your visitors. However, the most important thing is that there is a clear Call To Action (CTA) on the page and that the offer of the product or service is immediately clear.

In addition, you want your landing page to convey a unified message. Do you want people to subscribe? Then don't also ask them to sign up for the newsletter. Always focus on one CTA. You can also see this in the above example for Menuut. The CTA is now 90% off.

Previously, we wrote an article on how to create a well-converting landing page.

Creating a landing page

Now that you know what makes a good landing page, it's time to create one yourself. Our handy tool (AdPage) lets you create a landing page for free before you put it online.

You can use one of the many templates that are proven to be effective. In the editor, you can add and edit elements very easily. Below we explain through an example how you can use AdPage to create a great landing page.

1. Choosing the right design

A good landing page starts with the right design. This is the first thing you notice when a visitor lands on the page, so it should be immediately clear here what your offer is. In addition, you also want to have a clear Call To Action here. We choose the fourth design (Sales Page).

Choosing template in AdPage software
Choosing a template in the AdPage software

2. Setting up the cover properly

Once you've found a design that fits your product or service, it's time to set up the cover with sections. The cover is the part of the page that people see as soon as they open the page, without having had to scroll yet.

In the image below, you can see Menuut's landing page. As you can see, Menuut has kept the cover simple and short. The headline directly explains the result of Menuut's product. The subheadline clearly states how quickly you can create a weekly menu. The CTA is focused on an introductory discount and the text under the button provides a bit of urgency by indicating that it is a temporary offer.

The cover of Menuut

3. Start with a review to confirm your message

In some cases, just a cover on your landing page may be enough. However, do you want to sell something? Then just a cover won't suffice. It works well to include a section right after your promise in which a customer or expert confirms that your product works well.

A review on Menuut's landing page

4. Describe your unique advantages

The promise is made and confirmed, but what does it actually deliver for your visitor? By mentioning concrete benefits, you keep the visitor interested and make it clear what they stand to gain. The first benefit talks about "Prime recipes. A smart choice, since the review up there comes from the founder of OERsterk. Subconsciously, this works for your visitor.

Benefits described on Menuut's landing page

5. Be sure to describe a recognizable problem

By communicating a problem that is recognizable to your ideal target audience, you cause the visitor to get validation about the situation. This is extremely powerful because because because they recognize themselves in the problem, you create empathy in your visitor and this increases the likelihood of a purchase. In addition, it also makes it immediately clear what you need the product for.

Problem described on Menuut's landing page
Problem described on Menuut's landing page

6. Responding to things you have already tried to solve the problem

By capitalizing on alternatives to solve your problem, you again create recognition and/or transparency about what the product you offer is not. In addition, you also position your brand in a way that explains why it is unique from your competitor. You immediately kill two birds with one stone here. Why are you different from your competitor?

Alternative solutions
Showing alternative solutions

7. And here it comes: The solution

By following up with the final solution, you complete the PAS formula. PAS stands for Problem, Agitation, Solution. This method is often used by copywriters on both landing pages but also on social media to give a clear structure to the solution you are offering.

The discount and temporary offer add urgency. This ensures that you realize a higher conversion rate because the visitor risks paying full price when the offer expires.

Show the solution of your offer
Show the solution of your offer

8. Recognizable pain points

It is important to name the biggest problem at the beginning of the landing page. You can then choose to break this down further into specific pain points. Menuut chose to turn these pain points into questions that respond to these pain points.

Provide recognition
Provide recognition

9. About us

In a landing page where your goal is to sell your product, trust is very important. In addition to valid reviews, your visitors want to know who is behind the product. The more transparent you make this, the more trust you generate.

Tell something about yourself
Tell something about yourself to inspire confidence

10. How it works

Your visitor now knows what problem you are solving, what the benefits are, who recommends it and who is behind it. But what happens when the visitor chooses to purchase the product? What are the next steps? Nobody likes uncertainty and especially not in the buying process. So make sure you communicate clearly about the steps to take after purchase.

Explaining how it works

11. Examples and outcomes.

Your product solves a problem, but it can also provide a beautiful end result. In this case, you get to work with beautiful dishes. So showcase these examples. They look tasty and at the same time it brings you to a healthier life.

Examples and outcomes

12. Refuting objections by answering questions

We are now some sections on. The visitor is convinced, but there may always be some unanswered questions. If you have sold your product/service before, you may just be able to list them. If not, talk to your potential customers and ask directly what questions they get when they visit your landing page.

You can add the questions that come back most often to your landing page in a Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

That's quite a few sections

That's right! You don't have to use them all, either. It may be that your Call to Action on your landing page is much simpler, such as downloading an eBook, Requesting a Quote, etc. Then there is no need to use so many sections. The rule of thumb is: the higher the threshold of your offer, the longer your landing page is generally. With a high threshold, you simply have to try harder to convince the visitor.

Integrate and publish tools

Once your landing page is completely satisfactory, you can integrate a few more tools into your page. Through AdPage, you can easily link to tools such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and MailCampaigns. Once you have integrated your desired tools, your page is ready for publication. With a few simple clicks, your landing page is online and you can start your campaign.

Optimizing for SEO

With online marketing campaigns, for example advertisements in Google or on social media, you drive traffic to your landing page. But of course, organic traffic to your landing page is also incredibly important. This is why it is important to also consider search engine optimization when creating your landing page.

We have already listed the most important tips for optimizing your landing page for SEO.

Create free landing page

In this blog, you learned that a landing page has only one purpose: to entice visitors to take an action. By aligning your entire page with the Call To Action and keeping the information, short, simple and unambiguous you will get the best results.

You also learned how to put all your knowledge into practice and create your own landing page using AdPage's handy tool. Are your hands itching too and do you want to get started creating your own landing page? Then design your landing page for free now with AdPage's tool and discover all the possibilities.

Need inspiration?

Could you still use some inspiration when creating a landing page? We totally understand. Taking a look behind the scenes to get new ideas. Have you checked out our template library? Every month we publish new templates here that have already proven their success.

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Do you also want to create a landing page?

The landing page Menuut discussed is available as a template in AdPage. You can easily edit this landing page in the powerful editor. Convinced? Then follow the next steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Start your 7-day trial
  3. Choose the template
  4. Edit the content
  5. Publish your landing page to Wordpress or to your own domain name

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Previously, we also gave a webinar on creating a landing page. Check back below.

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