7 landing pages from B2B companies for inspiration

Amy from Niftrik
June 28, 2023

Using landing pages in online marketing is also incredibly valuable for companies that work for businesses (B2B). When potential customers land on your website, the question is whether they are able to find their way to the right pages and take the step to contact you.

You want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get in touch with you or at least get acquainted with your products or services. A landing page is the first step. With a landing page, you can focus 100% on a specific goal and minimize distractions. The chances of a visitor dropping out are reduced.

Lead generation for B2B

Leads are incredibly important in acquiring new customers. Got a lot of traffic to your website? Great! But a website visitor is not yet a lead. And apart from a retargeting campaign, there is little you can do with a website visitor. It only gets really interesting when you can convert a website visitor into a lead. In other words: make sure you collect contact information from your website visitors.

The moment you have contact information in, it is no longer an anonymous website visitor, but a person you can contact and a potential customer.

Make sure you have a good giveaway. After all, someone isn't going to send you their contact information for nothing. When you offer value, website visitors are more likely to share their contact information with you. With a B2B giveaway, you can think of things like:

  • Webinar or online training
  • Whitepaper
  • E-book
  • Checklist

Landing page examples for inspiration

The Accounting Coach

The Accounting Coach helps SMBs and ZZPs with all accounting questions. They do this in the form of support subscriptions and online video sessions. The landing page below was created with the goal of collecting as many webinar sign-ups as possible.


MailCampaigns specializes in email marketing for businesses. They particularly focus on Retailers, E-Commerce and B2B companies. They develop a complete strategy and then develop and optimize full email marketing campaigns, with the goal of growing your business.

This landing page was created in preparation for a kickoff meeting with potential clients. So the focus is not lead generation, as the lead is already in, but to gather more information from the potential customer. The landing page is deployed in a mail funnel.

Consulting firm H. Janssen

Adviesbureau H. Janssen Echt bv is an independent architectural consultancy specializing in customized services for both small and large-scale construction projects. The landing page was developed with the goal of having a visitor contact the company through a contact form.

Plant Market

Plant Market is the European platform for buying and selling garden plants and nursery products. This landing page was deployed to learn more about their suppliers. By deploying profile enrichment, they get a more complete picture of the suppliers and can thus create more targeted content.


Suzan van Heck is a certified Google Ads specialist and helps business owners improve online findability. She does this by, among other things, offering courses and full outsourcing of advertising on Google. With this landing page, Suzan offers a course for a low price (low threshold) in order to introduce potential customers to her service in an accessible way.

Social Media Entrepreneur

Social Media Entrepreneur trains and coaches entrepreneurs in using their social media marketing, they also offer the possibility to take social media completely out of their hands. The landing page was created to promote an online challenge in order to introduce potential clients to the services they offer in an approachable way.

Construction company Vincent van Buuren

Aannemersbedrijf van Buuren is an all-round contracting company. They build both business and private new and remodeling projects. This landing page was deployed as a website with the goal of providing more information about the company and allowing people to easily get in touch.

Pink Octopus

Ingrid Halfwerk is the owner of Pink Octopus. She helps entrepreneurs and (start-up) self-employed people with simple result-oriented marketing. This landing page features a personalized quiz to gather more information about potential clients. Based on the answers, Ingrid offers a personalized training that fully meets the client's needs.


If you have a business in any sector, then a landing page in your online marketing cannot be missing. B2B is also an indispensable component.

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