Examples landing page for the beauty & wellness industry

Amy from Niftrik
May 30, 2023

Why a landing page is needed

Unlike your website, a landing page is always set up with one specific goal, for example, to sell something, collect a lead, etc. You create a landing page for a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Google or email campaign. The goal of your landing page is always to get the highest conversion rate possible.

Websites are generally not set up for one specific purpose but rather give a general picture of your company. There are several pages your visitors can click through to. All those extra pages create distractions and that is what you want to avoid in a campaign.

Previously, we wrote an article in which we discussed in detail why working with landing pages is so important.

Creating landing page: how to do it?

The first step in creating a good landing page is to create a good design. After all, this is the first thing the visitor sees when she lands on your landing page. Also, the Call To Action (your goal) should be clear and specific.

Of course, the design and Call to Action is not the only thing you need to consider when creating a landing page. In this article, we'll tell you all about it.

Landing page examples for the beauty and wellness industry

Fine all that theory about why and how to make a good landing page, but sometimes you just need a little inspiration. A quick peek at competitors to get some ideas. That's why we put together some examples of landing pages for you. This time specifically for the beauty and wellness industry. Does the perfect landing page exist? That's hard to say, but these landing pages come pretty close.

Click on the image to view the full landing page template.

Ogé Exclusive

Ogé Exclusive is a global high-end beauty brand specializing in the production of high-quality hair tools. The landing page was used in various online campaigns with the aim of collecting as many new leads as possible for the email list.

KNAP Hair Salon

KNAP! Hair salon is a hair salon with multiple locations. They also have a webshop with various hair and grooming products.

This landing page was used to recruit new employees.

This landing page was deployed with the goal of collecting as many new leads as possible through a win campaign.


Although the above examples were created for different campaign purposes, they do have some important similarities:

  • One Clear Call to Action (CTA). The landing pages are completely focused on one clear goal. All other information that could possibly distract from the goal is omitted.
  • The CTA is above the fold. So when someone lands on the page, the CTA is immediately visible.
  • The landing pages were created with our landing page software. With our tool you can create the most beautiful landing pages for your campaign in no time. Want to get started with a landing page yourself? Create a trial account in AdPage and start immediately with your first landing page.

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