10 inspiring landing page examples for recruiters and staffing agencies

Koen van de Wetering
Jan 10, 2023

Unlike your website, a landing page is always set up with one specific goal, in the case of recruiters it is to find the right people for a job opening. Of course it is important that you get a lot of submissions but especially the quality of the submissions is very important.

When it comes to recruiting, it makes sense to work with personalized content. The more you know about the candidates or the more personal you can address them, the more likely they are to actually fit the position.

By working with profile enrichment in your landing page, you can achieve some of this.

How to create a good landing page for a job posting?

The first step in creating a good landing page is to create a good design. After all, this is the first thing the visitor sees when she lands on your landing page. Also, the Call To Action (your goal) should be clear and specific.

In addition, when creating a landing page for a job opening, it is of course very important that you already (partly) answer the possible questions of an applicant. An appealing vacancy text with appealing photos is important for this.

And who better to convince a potential employee than current employees? Interviews with your current employees give a very clear picture of the company and the work atmosphere.

Landing page examples for recruitment

Could you use some inspiration when creating your job pages? We give you 10 inspiring examples to get new ideas.

View the full landing pages by clicking on the images.


Dolder Painting Works

Strating Fireplaces and Stoves


Region Service


Dunkirk Roof & Zinc

Kees Plaisier

Jacobs Roofing

Mounting company Ben van der Meijden

Getting started with landing pages yourself

Are you a recruiter or work for a staffing agency? Then the job pages are flying around your ears. Creating good landing pages for vacancies can take a lot of time. A nice tool to work with is a real godsend.

The above examples were all created in Adpage. With our landing page tool, you can create the most beautiful landing pages for your jobs in no time.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Schedule a no-obligation demo below, we'd love to show you our tool. See you soon!