Achieve 7x more conversions


Analyze visitors

Measure all conversions and personalize your visitor journey based on accurate data by integrating server-side tagging with your current software.


Construction funnels

Create landing pages and popups for your campaigns with lightning speed and ease of use. Supported by templates and landing page experts.

Supported by experts


Get inspired

Landing page real-world examples to inspire your next success funnel.


Helped by experts

Knowledge, data and more than 25 years of experience will help you on your way to the next success funnel.

With love for online marketing


No hassle. Quick results. ROI counts. Nothing goes for nothing.

Online Marketers

Focus on the ball. Constructive, quick results and satisfied customers counts.

Marketing Agencies

Improve and prove your performance. A satisfied customer is the best salesperson.

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With AdPage, we know how to efficiently deploy extremely good landing pages and pop-ups. The support team always helps us quickly. This makes AdPage an indispensable tool for us as Heroes Only.
Tim van Hees
COO Heroes Only
growth on average per customer.
Trusted Partner
Used Scale plan.
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"By using our own templates, we can have our staff deliver landing pages at lightning speed."
Kevin Thielen
customers connected within 3 months.
Uses Whitelabel solution
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"Sometimes it's just too easy to work with AdPage. Not everyone is technically savvy, but at least this is manageable. In addition, the landing pages fit our clients' needs perfectly and we optimize them for mobile and desktop with a few clicks. The Plug & Play DataLayer integration allows us to measure forms in detail."
Stanley Link
Logo of Shake Media
"By setting the conversion goal ahead of time in AdPage, everyone is aware of the results and progress during the campaign so we can act in a timely manner and keep our customers and employees happy."
Marin van Rossum
Founder Shake Media | Online Marketing Agency
clients under management.
Customer since 2019
Used Agency plan
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Resolve Unassigned Traffic GA4
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Are you also getting frustrated by unassigned traffic within GA4? Then check out our solutions for addressing unidentified traffic in Google Analytics 4. Learn how to get accurate data and improve your website's performance by effectively identifying and categorizing unidentified traffic sources.
Review of Server-side Tagging Seminar: the move to first-party data
Review of Server-side Tagging Seminar: the move to first-party data
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On Friday, September 8, we hosted our first seminar! This afternoon was entirely dedicated to privacy and tracking and how to best anticipate this as an online marketing specialist. With sessions from DDMA, Digitale Bazen, Analytics Support and of course AdPage itself, it was a very successful and valuable afternoon. In this article we list the most important learning points of this afternoon for you.
Server-side tagging with Google Tag Manager for beginners
Server-side tagging with Google Tag Manager for beginners
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Measuring your site and your online campaigns is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to constant updates to browsers, operating systems and adblockers. And then there are privacy laws to consider. Server-side tagging is the solution to still be able to accurately measure your site visitors in an AVG-friendly way.